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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lufkin Homeplace August 14

Belle Here again:I have been trying to get Dad to blog, but he will not do it so I thought I would try. I ready enjoy reading the blogs and to know what everyone else is doing. It sounds as Christine is really busy getting her business going. Good luck.
We had a good weekend even if we didn't do anything. It has really been hot here. 100 today and they say 102 tomorrow. No rain in sight. We are suppose to go camping this weekend. Probably won't go till Thrusday. We always have a nice club house so the heat shouldn't be any problem. We will go out and eat together on Sat. after our meeting. I always bring food already prepared so I don't have to cook in the trailer when it is hot like this. I went to the doctor today about the brusing and bleeding on my legs and arms. I still think it is the medicine I am taking but he doesn't seem to think that is it. Anyway he said to taper off of it and see if it helps. If not, I will have to see my family doctor. I think it is odd that it got worse only after he increased my medince. The information they sent me with my medicine said that is one of the rare side affects, so we shell see. We enjoyed talking to both Mike and Jo last week, All so talked with Onva in Ok. and with Gladys in Oregon. Got the coupon from Jo today. Your yarn really looks nice. You are getting good at it.. I will see if Daddy wants to add to this, if not I will sign off. Mom

Not much to add. It has been a long hot summer - about 9 inches low on rain to date. We are not too busy in yard - can't work out for very long. Grass manages to keep growing enough to need mowing every week which is not too hard to do. Hope belle's getting of Neurontin helps and it is not too hard to get off it. Looking forward to getting out with trailer. Hope we can do more this fall when it cools down - we hope. All for now - Dad


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Sally said...

Hurrah! You all blogged! It was good to hear your news--was sorry to hear that the heat continues and no rain in sight. Our temps have cooled back down to 88-90 degree range, so back to normal. We still need rain too. Take care with the meds, I hope they get it sorted out. Take care!

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

We have cooled down too, those it is getting more humid. I went to swimming this morning early, Yoga was cancelled due to weather - they needed the room to set up for a party that was to be held outside. Hope that doesn't mean it will not rain, since they are preparing for it!

Mom, do hope that cutting back on the Neurontin will help, sometimes I think the doctors are hesitant to admit that medication might be a probem. Maybe you can cut down and that will help the bleeding and bruising.

Becky and the kids are coming for dinner tonight, as Tom is out of town. I have fixed a variation of King Ranch Chicken casserole, hope it will be good and that Becky can eat and enjoy it. I'll wait to call until tomorrow since you are not going camping until Thursday. if that changes, give me a call and I will call you back.

I am going to meet with the knitting group tomorrow, so will be out most of the day as we are going "across the river" to the southside.

Glad to see you both on the blog!


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