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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jan. 15 2006

Well, Here I go again. The week went by so fast, as they all do. Every time I turn around its the weekend. We went to a wedding in Tyler yesterday. Some friends who use to camp with us, the wife (Joy) died in Sept. 2004. She was Mrs Lamb's only sister. A beautiful, classy lady, an artist. The husband got married to a lady from their church. It was a nice wedding but a little sad for us. We went with another couple and Mr and Mrs Lamb and two of their daughter's went together. So there was eight of us and we all had lunch at Luby's. I got my liver and onions which was great. That is the only place I get to eat some. The day was just about gone by the time we got home.
Onva just called and she will have a hip replacement and some other work done on her hip. She will have to be in a nursing home for six weeks and she can't be on her feet at all. Also talked to Anne La Haye in Mamou today. All the kids were there. It looks like Elmer will have to go to a long term care place. He is not able to walk and they don't know if he ever will be able to. He can't stay in the hospital much longer and he can't get medicaide either as he has too much. It's not going to be easy. I feel so sorry for them all.
We are supposed to have rain tomorrow. Sure hope we do as we need it bad. The grass fires ane still going on and will keep going till we get rain.
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. The crown I had put in 4 months ago still hurts. Who knows. We are also supposed to go on a camp out at the end of the week. The weather is supposed to be OK then. I will keep you posted on that. Love Mom
Good to get a call from Mike while ago. Good to hear from them Anne is regaining her appetite and some weight. Enjoyed our trip to Tyler and the wedding - it was very nice. Weather was great for a drive. Not too much going on in Lufkin. Dad


At 7:15 AM, Blogger Jessie Bonner said...

Pretty cool the way you have built a "family" blogring to keep up with the grand and great grandkids.


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