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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Have not posted for so long sure no one checks this much anymore. Yes we did survive another year - hoping 2006 is a great year for all of the family. We went to an Anniversary party given by a couple in our Good Sam club, their 57 th. We had 6 couples - lots of good food. We had our Cholesterol levels made at free clinic on Thursday; mine came back 177 so I could enjoy. Mom's too high but she always eats smart.

Over the Christmas holidays we went to Louisiana on Friday to check on Belle's brother, Elmer. who had a stroke that paralized most of his left side about 3 weeks ago. He is in Rehab at hospital and doing a little better. Can move his left had and arm some, has feeling in left leg and a little movement at times. He has a long ways to go to recover. Four of his 5 children were there. Some we had not seen for years. Also got to see two of Belle's sister's family in Eunice we had not seen for a long time. Also visited one of her old school chums and a Cousin and all their family in Ville Platte. It was a very good trip and we were able to visit Elmer at hospital several times. We had a real nice drive back on Monday - very pretty warm day.

It is still very dry here in East Texas - It has been warm usually in 70's for past 3 weeks and windy at times. There have been a lot of fires - mostly North of here. Good thing there have not been too many fires in woods here which are full of down timber from Rita. A disaster in the making if fires should start in timber areas. No rain in sight here either.

Managed to sleep in until 9 this morning - very unusual. We did manage to stay up to see the Ball drop in New York and got home about midnight. Had a great breakfast and just finished up Sunday paper. Hope all the family are having a Great New Years Day too.


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Cool, you blogged! I do still check almost every day, so was happy to see something new! It sounds like you had a good New Year's Eve, and a good lie in the next morning, can't ask for much more!


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