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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back to Normal after Rita?

At least the Lufkin news said Lufkin was about back to Normal. I did manage to pick up the last of small branches and limbs that covered our yard today to add to Mount Rita by our curb. City said it may be a month before they get all yard trash picked up. Being without power for 5 plus days was no fun especially when heat index was over 100 for four days. We did manage to save all our food with use of Trailer fridge which will run on Propane. It would not hold all the fridge food but we used 3 ice chests and about 160 lbs of free FEMA ice - the first of which came late Tuesday just in nick of time.

After a couple of days I finally decided to take a neighbor up on offer to run electric cords so we could run our small fans which helped some in trying to sleep. Also needed to keep up trailer batteries to keep fridge controls working. Their were only 2 houses on our side of street without power - 3 across street. House across from us had 4 trees on their house which tripped the transformer and damaged their roof about 7 AM Saturday when they fell as Rita came to Lufkin still a Catagory 1 Hurricane. We had one huge Oak come down next to fence in our SE corner. It hit the back and side fence of houses behind us. Fortunately my Insurance said since it was a live tree their insurance had to pay for damage and removal. Wonder how I will ever get rid of huge root ball next to my shed however.

Belle had a hard time coping with heat could not sleep well until AC came back on Thursday afternoon late. I guess this was an adventure but once in a life time was enough for us. Just glad we were far enoungh from coast we were spared worse damage. All the towns SE of us toward Coast are still trying to get power and much destruction. We had over 75000 evacuees in shelters here. Every school, church, homes and other possible places were full of people. Now they are nearly all gone. There was no gas for people to move on or go back for a week. We had 800 in our church - it had to be decomtaminated as many were starting to get sick.

Fortunately we are well and had no major damage to The Lufkin Home Place