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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday 9/7/05

We will be leaving around 8 tomorrow to go to the Mini Rally in Canton, Tx. Phone (903) 567-6556. We will be home sometime on Sunday. We hope to go to Mass there Satunday night. We are looking forward to it. They have games, door prizes, Flea Market, Auction, entertainment, two breakfast and one catered dinner. No rain in the forcast.

We are enjoying reading all the blogs. But I feel for Anne. I know she will be glad when she can go on with her life in the mean time we keep her in our prayers

We enjoyed the pictures of Michelle. She is really growing and we can't wait to see her. Thanks for the pictures. The gas hasn't gotten too bad over here but I am sure it will get worse before it get better.

Hope the next storm does not hit you too bad - or come our way. No one needs another one for sure.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Sally said...

Hi Mom and Dad, I hope you have a good camping trip! It sounds like there will be a lot of fun activities, and I know you enjoy visiting with all your friends. Tropical Storm Ophelia is sitting right off the coast, or at least close enough for us to get plenty of rain from her. She is still supposed to move off into the Atlantic, and hit hurricane status out there. We hope so! We don't really want her! More later, have a good time!

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