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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita Coming To Texas !!

Things my get crowded here at the Lufkin Homeplace. Evacuation from Houston will have Amy and Russ and Skyler - and Amy's parents headed our way. Russ said late Thursday but reports today said Houston should start evacuating early Thursday. Storm may hit near Freeport - Corpus Christ area they say now. But that will put Upper coast on Dirty East side - and no one knows where yet for sure.

If we don't lose power should be OK. Having no AC in house and Trailer will cramp our style. They say we will get rain and wind - tornados less possible in Lufkin. Keep Texas in your prayers !!


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Hi All, will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Saw on TV that it is already slow going getting out of Houston, so if Russ and family can get out sooner than Thursday night, they might want to do it. I know from experience that they can count on lots of congestion in areas along the way, so snacks, etc for the car will be a must. I will email Amy about it all, but if they should call you, you could mention it. Places along the way will be packed. Wouldn't hurt for them to stock up on water, etc, before leaving too---bring some with them, and can leave the rest at home for when they return, in case of boil water advisories. I guess if Russ calls, tell them to be sure to check email!
Good luck and have fun with all the family, I know you will be glad to have the company, see the kids, baby, etc!


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