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Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday 8/22/05

We had a good camping week. There were five rigs that went on Monday and stayed till Thursday morning at Mission Tejas State Park. There were only 5 full hookups and we were the only ones in the Park. We sat out and visited a lot. Lots of trees and shade and we put a couple of box fans out and we were comfortable. We walked everyday and all in all it was very relaxing. Had a couple of meals outside together. Thursday morning we left to meet the rest of the club at the Crocket Family Resort. Had a nice meeting club room. We had thirteen rigs for the weekend and two couples and Charlotte and Mrs Pruitt come on Saturday. We all went to eat out. No rain all the time we were camping. Now we are home playing catch up. Went to Mass on Sunday after we came home then went to visit a friend at the hospital. Today we went to church to count the collection. We do that at least once a month and sometime two. Droped by the grocery store on way home and did go see another sick friend at her house before coming home. Tomorrow we go have our teeth cleaned. I did loose a filling and broke another tooth over the weekend so will have to get appointment to have that taken car of. How exciting. !!! - Love You All - Mom

We did have a very good week enjoying our trailer and friends - a nice relaxing week. While gone had 1.5 inches of rain Tuesday PM. It is a good thing as it is very warm and plants needed water. Got a shower last night which helped too. Tonight thunder storms were all around us but only got a little drizzle so I was able to mow. Good thing as it was getting very long in front yard. Have been playing catch up as usual after being gone for a few days. Have got to edge and weed some and that should take care of yard. Better close for now. Hope Mom can get tooth she lost fixed with no great problems. A Maryland Bridge to hold a false tooth may do it. Our Love to All !! Dad