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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hi Everyone: we are back from San Augistine and had a very nice trip. Got away early Thursday and made it there by 9:30 AM so it was still not too hot to get set up. Had a good site to move onto close to our friends. There were 5 rigs so had lots of company. Sat around a lot and visited and got cought up on everyones news. At noon Thursday we went to Chicken place in town and split a 10 pc bucket with another couple. The chicken was great and we took home 3 pieces - Belle and I only ate 2 pcs. there. They insisted we take leftovers home. Thursday afternoon the sky to the West towards Lufkin and Nacogdoches really got black and there were severe weather alerts for there. We got some rain and wind which just cooled it of nicely. Had to put up awnings but are very adept at that. In fact I was taking a nap and did not hear our friends pit ours up till Belle told me they had done it! Friday drove into Louisiana to the CatFish Galley and had their great Buffet - $4.95 I got Catfish and 4 veges Belle the Chicken Breast plus veges. We only ate most of mine took other meal home. Obviously our food stocks were growing. Got back about two in time for much needed naps then back to visiting. Saturday was our day off - just visted and caught up on our stockpile. Had a brief storm that dropped quite a bit of rain and wind - so Awning Down again. At six four of the couples left to go to a All You Can eat Catfish and Chicken place in Broadus. We passed and stayed home to finish Belle's meal from day before. We were definitely not up to a all you can eat place even if they had a nice Country Western Music performance later. This morning we got up early and went to 9 AM Mass in town in a very nice little church -about 40 there. Afterward several couples talked with us and invited to have coffee and rolls in hall - also gave us a large bag of little cherry tomatoes. It was nice to be in a small church atmosphere again. Several there were familiar with our church. We went back to camp and visited for while and left getting here at 11:30. Found yard litterd with limbs from storm Thusday and had 1.83 inches of rain in gauge. Our power had been off for 2.5 hours - hundreds were without power until Friday night. Our Toamatoe plants took a beating from wind. Hope we can stake them up again. Love Mom and Dad


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