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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trying E Mail Blog Entry - 6/21/05 8:30 PM

Have really enjoyed all the pictures and Blog entries today. Surprise
Grandpa and Mitch too and great to see Mommy and Mitch too. Also great
phone visit with JO and Zack this AM - their house is going up!We are
doing OK here. First day of Summer was what you would expect -HOT in
middle 90's. Fortunately humidity not too high. We did not do much
outside in yard today - I did water our tomato plants again tonight -
they need it often as many are just in pots. Lots of green tomatoes but
nothing to pick yet. Watered lawn this AM early - things pretty dry. Made
a trip to Card store, CVS and Sams Club this morning and made it back
before 11.

Sure hope this entry gets to Blog alright. It seems to be a chore to get
one in direct. Did look at Profile entry Jo but did not put much. Jo your
Link did not work said no Entry for URL? Surprised Profile data can only
be entered for one - no such thing as couple profile. Will get it done

Guess all you experienced Bloggers will know our Blog address is same as
one this E-Mail sent to without .Family in middle before@. Guess this
will be good way to keep you filled in on our adventures down here in
Lufkin Homeplace. Most times not too much going on here.

Mom got into mood to have our family room re-carpeted. Know it needs it
but it is only 24 years old! Guess change in color and pattern would be a
pleasant change.

Sure great to know Baby Mitch is doing so well and thriving! Wish we
could see her too. Guess I had better quit for now. Love To All - Dad


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Glad to see you got this going! Will be nice and handy for you, and a way to keep us all in the know! More later.

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