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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Checked the Links

Hi Mom and Dad, good to talk to you tonight. I came right online, in case you go on soon - and fixed the link to my blog, everything else worked well for me. I had one " out of place in my link, that's why it didn't work. Guess I had not tried that one - sorry it gave you trouble.

Now you should be able to make a Favorite Link for your Blog, than then use all the links in your blog to go to all the family ones. I though this might me easier for mom. There are actually two links to pictures you can use in your sidebar - the RSS Photo Feed for each of us (Mike, me, Anne) and then the Flickr link. The RSS should show you the newest pictures added each time you check, it does have options in the sidebar for time periods to check.

Also, if you notice the little pencil at the end of each blog entry - if you click on it it will take you right to the page where you can correct any error you made in the blog, or if you click on CREATE, up in the Posting Menu, you can make a post. I may or may not ask you to sign in.


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