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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tuesday 6:50 PM

Time I added a little to this. Can't say much going on here it tis just way too hot - about 99 today. Did trim a few shrubs this morning for about an hour before we went to 60-5 Club luncheon at church. Had a good crowd and food too. Went to hospital to visit our friend Arvill and found him very weak and somewhat disorinted.Think he has given up - he said he did not think he would ever go home. Then went to his house to see his wife and try to find out what Dr. had told them. Unfortunately they have not talked with Dr. lately. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has had one treatment. His wife is better - she is still getting strength back from a fall almost month ago.

Have managed to do a little grocery shopping - almost too hot for that. We wish we could get away to someplace cool but everything too far off to travel in this heat. Have to keep watering things or we would loose them.

Our Good Sam club decided not to camp this month beacause of heat and several of our members took of for Eagle Nest, NM. It is cool there but too high for Mom. Only about 4 members were left to go to campout so called it off.

Better close for now. Enjoyed your long Blog Sally and picture of house Jo with sheathing on. Keep in touch. Love Mom and Dad

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday 6/24

Trying direct post to blog. One I thought was OK yesterday did not show up. Just came back from lunch at Catfish King and it was very good. Enough for snack tonight. Also went to Randell's for groceries and quick stop at Big Lots.

Jo: when I try to go to Michelle's Moments from Homeplace nothing happens. Thought I had tried that Link before too - no address shows in bottom of screen. No problem as I have it in my Favorites too.

Sure wish it would rain - that might cool us off some. Quite a few Thunder Heads around but notging happening except heat. Hope you have a great trip home Sally. It sounds like you have all been busy on this last day.

Our love to All - Mom and Dad

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Checked the Links

Hi Mom and Dad, good to talk to you tonight. I came right online, in case you go on soon - and fixed the link to my blog, everything else worked well for me. I had one " out of place in my link, that's why it didn't work. Guess I had not tried that one - sorry it gave you trouble.

Now you should be able to make a Favorite Link for your Blog, than then use all the links in your blog to go to all the family ones. I though this might me easier for mom. There are actually two links to pictures you can use in your sidebar - the RSS Photo Feed for each of us (Mike, me, Anne) and then the Flickr link. The RSS should show you the newest pictures added each time you check, it does have options in the sidebar for time periods to check.

Also, if you notice the little pencil at the end of each blog entry - if you click on it it will take you right to the page where you can correct any error you made in the blog, or if you click on CREATE, up in the Posting Menu, you can make a post. I may or may not ask you to sign in.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trying E Mail Blog Entry - 6/21/05 8:30 PM

Have really enjoyed all the pictures and Blog entries today. Surprise
Grandpa and Mitch too and great to see Mommy and Mitch too. Also great
phone visit with JO and Zack this AM - their house is going up!We are
doing OK here. First day of Summer was what you would expect -HOT in
middle 90's. Fortunately humidity not too high. We did not do much
outside in yard today - I did water our tomato plants again tonight -
they need it often as many are just in pots. Lots of green tomatoes but
nothing to pick yet. Watered lawn this AM early - things pretty dry. Made
a trip to Card store, CVS and Sams Club this morning and made it back
before 11.

Sure hope this entry gets to Blog alright. It seems to be a chore to get
one in direct. Did look at Profile entry Jo but did not put much. Jo your
Link did not work said no Entry for URL? Surprised Profile data can only
be entered for one - no such thing as couple profile. Will get it done

Guess all you experienced Bloggers will know our Blog address is same as
one this E-Mail sent to without .Family in middle before@. Guess this
will be good way to keep you filled in on our adventures down here in
Lufkin Homeplace. Most times not too much going on here.

Mom got into mood to have our family room re-carpeted. Know it needs it
but it is only 24 years old! Guess change in color and pattern would be a
pleasant change.

Sure great to know Baby Mitch is doing so well and thriving! Wish we
could see her too. Guess I had better quit for now. Love To All - Dad

Move Links

Ok - Dad I moved the links from the other blog to this blog just in case you don't get the original blog to work. You can see how this goes. Tried to call last night, will try again today, we have an appointment with the builder this morning.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday 6/20/05

Have set up Blog Lufkin Homeplace. Never did see place to accept one you had started for us Jo. Not sure how to get to this!! Dad